Belgrade- Europe’s Best Kept Secret

My time in Belgrade was blissful. It was the perfect way to start 2017, and the company whilst there was unprecedented. Usually in big groups there’s a tendency to split up, have small spatterings, or just generally get annoyed with one another.  Not with this bunch.

I was lucky to be invited by my best friend Jimmy who did a season in Ibiza last summer.  She met this crew of people who are chilled, fun and all around good-timers and good-vibers.  We booked Belgrade as desination New Year’s as I often find New Year’s in London disappointing and depressing (where is my OPTIMISM?!! This is the realist in me coming out.)

The best way I’ve decided to write about a trip is to bullet point; less descriptive, more to the point (it’s rare that photo documentation is this thorough so majority will be accompanied with pictures). Here we go-

-Flight from Stanstead at 7:20 am on the 30th December, 2016- cheeky Wetherspoons bloody mary

(For point of reference, in 1st photo of this sequence from left to right with me at the front: Josh, Jimmy, Amanda and Pearl)

-We arrive at Timisoara airport in Romaia–> we had booked a coach from there to Belgrade which would take a total of 6 hours (15 euros btw, a total steal. Since Serbia isn’t part of the EU direct flights are a lot more expensive.  We paid 23 pound for our flight there)

-Upon arrival, our Airbnb host upgraded us because Amanda is such a babe and was super pleasant to them during the booking process–> area we were staying was Zeleni venac

-A fully renovated and brand new apartment with higher ceilings and more space- yipee!! It was freezing outside (-5??) but the flat had heating on all the time which was lush but quite stuffy after wandering for ages

-Stepped out to have some traditional Serbian food on a busy tourisy street called Skardarlija (which BTW, if you don’t have a reservation at any of the restaurants good luck finding somewhere to eat. We luckily asked if we could eat by the beer barrels and they agreed. And we could smoke inside- WIN!!)


-That evening we dressed up and went to a warehouse rave in Hangar Luka  to see the Martinez Brothers.  I was dressed like this

-Upon entry of said warhouse Josh was arrested for being super bait with his little wavey tings

-4 hours later he shows up at the club with Nemo (Serbian pal) who had accompanied him to the station→ I’ve never wanted to kiss and slap someone so much in my life (he did a season in Ibiza for Christ’s sake. You’d think he’d have learnt to hide his baitness)

-Played the game of “who would you fuck in the rave”, and ended up getting off with my number 1 choice (FYI, Serbian men are very straight forward. “You are beautiful. I love you. I come to London to see you.” → we were there with a couple Serbian’s who did the season with Jimmy and they laughed at this because they mainly want a visa LOL. My guy ended up being my little holiday fling for the duration of the trip so our fling was more meaningful than a one way ticket to marriage and babies in the UK. Although funnily enough he was messaging me today about getting his UK visa to come visit – you were a holiday fling, get ovah it dude).

-Ended up at a cabin on the river (my lover man’s friends house) where we after jammed until around midday

(In last picture of the gang in the cabin Nemo is the one in the middle who escorted Josh to the police station)

-Took friends and lover man back to Airbnb where Pearl gets locked in the bathroom for an hour

-Pearl gets busted out of bathroom by man with giant drill (Time in Belgrade → 18 hours) and lover boys goes home to see his parents and brother who had just had an operation (Oh yeah, and it was New Years eve)

-Amanda takes a shower as I am going to brush my teeth and says she feels like she can keep going at which point I slam my toothbrush down and look deep into her eyes and say “Don’t say that to me cause if I have a partner in crime I WILL carry on.”

-And so we did, which then takes us up to the 24 hour mark at around 7 pm at which point it was time to get ready for New Year’s Eve and we went on a dead end mission for Musecco (you read that correctly, Musecco is made in Slovenia and it’s a pound a bottle and fucking delicious). We were unsuccessful as the shop SOLD OUT (shoulda gone earlier) but bought tequila so we were relatively happy.

-New Years eve was spent counting down in our apartment with some Serbs drinking rakia which I now LOOOOOVEEEE (it’s really fucking cool cause all families make their own traditional rakia–> I have melon, plum.. all sorts. At first it was grim but after being on the cabin for long enough, it hugs you from the inside out- massive fan) and then moved on to a “traditional Serbian party” which just meant another warehouse party where I heard THIS tune for the first time and it’s now become the soundtrack of my year (CLICK LINK BELOW)

Foehn- Lindstrom

(In 2nd to last pic is Milan, another Serb whom Jimmy met in Ibiza, and in 3rd pic, front picture taker is the beautiful Lucille)

-Finally sleep at 7 am after an EPIC roll through , yes yes

-Wake up late on the 1st of January and go out for lovely meal at Radohst Fina Kuhinjica which has an abundance of vegetarian food for the majority of us who try not to eat meat

-Went home after some cocktails next door and got super stoned which I NEVER do and ate my leftovers quick time, only to realise that there’s NO MORE FOOD IN THE HOUSE→ I’ve never been so hungry in all my life but rolled on the floor in fits of laughter for a couple hours (see pics below)

(4th picture is my ABSOLUTE FAVE)

-Woke up the next day and met lover boy who took us on a lil walk to the ice skating rink called Tasmaidan where we ice skated with a couple of his friends, some of our group got wavey but I resisted temptation as we were going out HARD that evening → round 2, 3??  Never know what round a roll through counts for

-We bought a helium horse balloon which we named Naychichi who floated in to the night sky after an hour in our company

-Had a burrito at fast burrito joint→ Serbian equivalent of Chipotle

-Group managed to leave our bag of burritos and ME in a shop for about 20 minutes ( I was blissfully browsing and unaware, but they came back for the burritos and only upon arrival realised I was still there – noiicee waaaan 👍 way to make a gal feel special. I thought I was an essential part of a group at this point!!!)

-Get ready for said party → lover boys friends come over, had lil predrinkies

-Walk to venue–> Magacin Depo to watch David August


-After leaving the party at 7 am, we come outside to see THIS 

belgrade snow.jpg

-I dawdled a while longer behind everyone with lover boy only to find that outside of our apartment is a crowd of around 30 people → I buzz us in

-They all lead the way upstairs and am at the bottom of the crowd when I realise everyone I’m staying with is already INSIDE the flat so I push my way through and demand to be let in

-”WE’RE HAVING AN AFTER PARTY!” They exclaim. “HIDE YOUR VALUABLES”. So i did. And we had a fucking sick after party with 30-40 random Serbians who were all mega-jokes bumbling about the apartment. Finally kicked everyone out around 11 am, asleep by 2.

-Last night in Belgrade, lover boy takes us to a lovely Asian restaurant called Marukoshi and he pays for all 10 of us (WHADDA BABE) and heads back to the apartment

-Next morning we awake and lover boy takes me on a journey to buy traditional Serbian breakfast at Trpkovic (some cheese pastry thing from the BEST place in Belgrade), coffee and yoghurt for the whole crew.  The shuttle to the Budapest airport arrives and I embrace my lover and head off into the Serbian countryside

-Pearl and I at the Serbian Hungarian border


And that concludes the epic adventure and 5 days of blissful madness.
BELGRADE→ Europe’s best kept secret. Super cheap, and Serbians are awesome. Belgrade comes highly recommended as one of my fave holidays of all time.


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