Zach Anner & Disability as a social construction

This guy Zach Anner is a true inspiration.  I came across one of his videos a few months ago when he was asked to list “10 things people should know about cerebral palsy” (his ‘disability’).  His videos are insightful, and hilarious; but the message is clear.  SOCIETY disables people by creating restrictions of access for everyone, and treating those with a disability differently.

One of his 10 things people should know about cerebral palsy is that just because he has a disability does not make him inherently inspiring.  This one really hit me as it is so TRUE. He’s just a guy, with cerebral palsy, who lives his life everyday.  His everyday life may be different to mine, or yours, or whoevers, but just because his cerebral palsy makes getting a bagel take 4 hours versus 28 minutes, doesn’t make him inherently inspirational.  What makes him inspirational is his ability to CHALLENGE this discourse, and make others understand and see this.

Watch Zach Anner & The quest for the rainbow bagel–> whadda G.

Zach Anner & The Quest for the Rainbow Bagel

(Cover photo taken of Brick Lane’s rainbow bagel’s with my ever-chipped nail polish)



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