Racial discrimination is a topic that has fascinated as well as bewildered me for many years.  Studying sociology has enabled me to nurture and channel my inner humanitarian- questioning the crude reality of our modern white elitist society, being able to recognise that I am a part of this, but also to accept that I can question it, I can use my voice to question it to others, and hope to spread as much positivity (as trivial as this may seem) to those around me, and to instill values in the next generation so that maybe one day this can be erradicated, or at least diminished.  Education is power.  Education is key.  To live a life of ignorance is to not question, to let things be.  I’m not OK with that.

13th is a documentary on Netflix I’ve been meaning to watch for a while.  Although the information in the documentary is something I am very much aware of (I am hoping to write my dissertation next year on prescription pill abuse in America, and how, because this is a largely white middle class/ elite drug problem, incarceration and sensationalism is minimal, if none at all- drawing parallels with other drugs such as crack, and incarceration of ethnic minorities and the injustice of this), it is compiled in such a way that it is both powerful and disheartening.

My family are all Trump supporters.  My mama and her fiancee so much so that when I questioned Trump’s Muslim ban, her response was, “Well, I believe that first and foremost we need to protect our country.”  I feel saddened by the racial discrimination of the times, and the current political movements that make it outwardly ok to hate, and to scapegoat, largely for issues which have been created via capitalist greed (Trump’s very essence) and a white power struggle, grappling to hold on via hate and injustice.

I hope to make some sort of difference in this life- even if it’s as minial as attending a Women’s Rights Rally, volunteering to help Refugee’s once a week, or setting up a Mental Health Society at my university.  But at least I know I will not lead an ignorant life.  I am aware of the hierarchies of our society which have been created by our ancestors, and I will never lose sight of that- appreciate my position, but try and empower, educate and embolden others at the same time.


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