Hope for London’s nightlife yet?

I wrote a tragically hopeless Facebook status back in September when it was announced the notorious and world renowned London nightclub Fabric would be shutting its doors (see below).  In light of recent news of Fabric RE-OPENING, the status still reflects my current mood about London. London’s nightlife is in desperate need of revival and refurbishment.  Amy Lamé, London’s first night czar, is a glimmer of hope on the flickering shadows of the after hour streets of London.  It’s ironic how during the time of the night tube, there are hardly any venues to get the night tube home from. Here’s to you Amy- onwards and upwards.

My lovely London- too expensive to live, and councils continuously eradicating all the after hours vibes. Keep it up and you’ll drive out all the young people which make London so great. As if Fabric has closed because of “taking illegal drugs on its premises” and “following the deaths of two teenagers”. If anything the key to this is not the closure of such an iconic venue, but the proper education of young people on the risks of buying and taking drugs off strangers. How many alcohol related deaths happen every year? Shall we close all the pubs and off license’s also? “People in the club were inadequately searched upon entry”. What do you propose happens, body cavity searches on entry? Wake the fuck up, people take drugs, and it’s the persons risk every time they do them. What a travesty and a purely uneducated decision you Islington council morons. I am aware the decision was most likely not in the interest of the 2 teenagers who died- it came from wanting the prime real estate spot to build yet another swanky apartment block that no one I know could ever afford. I’m gonna learn Spanish, finish my degree and most likely faaaaak off.


Fabric circa 2011


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