And so it begins…..

The American presidency race of 2016 is one which has brought much sorrow to my heart.  Not only the symbolic nature of how our world is going to pure SHIT, but also the devastation of the blinding truth that, if Trump doesn’t win, the fact he was so close is crippling.  What does this say about America and Americans? Or more poignantly, what does this say about the world today?

Europeans scoff at Americans.  “How could ANYONE vote for such a person??””He is sexist, rude, brash, and has NO experience of running a country.” But it’s the unfortunate truth about the direction our world is headed today.  Scapegoating groups of ethnic and religious minorirites to lay the blame of the Western worlds social ills on instead of targeting the main problem- inherent inequality derived from Capitalism.  How very ironic that the man scapegoating these ethnic minorities for these social ills is deflecting the blame from essentially HIMSELF, a world class EXAMPLE of a pawn of Capitalism.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 12.16.01.png

My mom and her fiance are avid Trump supporters and they have been from day 1.  Their view is that he will indeed make America great again.  They too are pawns of Capitalism- the American dream is still very much alive in their minds.  With the 5 hour time difference and a couple glasses of white wine (always Sav Blanc for me madre), it’s a special treat to wake up to text messages such as:


Let me leave you with this- although Hillary is the “lesser of two evils”, at least the underlying message of her campaign is HOPE. She is not fearmongering, which is a weak and uneducated tactic used to win the votes of the working class who are looking to ANYTHING to “better” their world which has been CRUMBLING due to the force of….. druuuummm roooolllll……. Capitalism.

Even if Hillary wins, this toxic election which has divided a nation is likely to have massive repercussions of upheaval and public unrest. Let’s look to the future with educated and optimistic minds and HOPE- as that is all we can do.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 12.19.17.png

(P.s. I’ve had a lot of fun on Tumblr this morning as you can see by the various images I have attached to this post. And now I must write an essay of Marx and his relevance to society today.)


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