Caught red handed.


I have had a series of romances this summer which can be described by geographical location, all beginning with the letter B.  Barcelona boy, Budapest boy and Brighton boy.  Brighton boy is out of the picture. Barcelona boy lives in Barcelona but makes an appearance every now and again, and Budapest boy is still about but before the events of yesterday I wasn’t reaaaaally sure how I felt about it.

And then yesterday happened.

The reason he is called Budapest boy is due to the fact that my housemates boyfriend set me up on a blind date (it was a double date with the lovely couple).  Things got silly and at about 6 am I had booked flights for me and Buda boy to accompany the lovely couple to Budapest.

For something that could have been so devastatingly tragic, it was a lot of fun. I didn’t fall in love, but we had a jokes times together.

After we returned to the UK, he was off on various holidays and I was in America seriously ill with some gum-eating bacterial infection so we didn’t see each other for over a month. We went for drinks last Monday to catch up and it was nice to see him. 

Then yesterday, after a session at my friends house and waking up with a 7 days hangover I got a notification from Air BNB.  I had logged in to his account previously to book our Air BNB in Budapest as he was out in a field at the time.  I never thought to log out as I wanted to write a review for our trip.

The notification from Air BNB said- Greg Puzio replied to your  message!

I thought nothing of checking the message, as the week before he had said his mate booked through a recommendation on his account so he had 27 quid in credit.  He was saying what a good idea it was to book a room for cheap in London (considering he lives with his parents) to have an afterparty at when you’re out in East.  I said I thought there were better ways to spend the money.

When this notification came I grinned and thought “He must be going out tonight and wanting  a place to crash somewhere!” There was no ulterior motive or sneaky intentions.  The message read as follows

Hey Greg!

My girlfriend and I are visiting London and wanted a place to crash! Your flat looks lovely and id love to stay there tonight.

Regards, BB

My face flushed red. More of disbelief than anything. Actually LOL.  At first I almost couldn’t believe what I was reading.  I knew he didn’t have a girlfriend because his best mate had set us up in the first place. But I also knew that he wouldn’t have said that if it was him and the lads just going there to get pissed.

I immediately screen shotted it with no qualms and sent it over to Buda boy. “Lol.” I said. “I think it’s time for me to sign out xx”

I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t upset. I was just taken off guard.  If anything I thought it was too funny and jokes of a situation to have any kind of emotion towards it.  Plus there was a tiny, small obstacle within the whole fling that I wasn’t sure I would be able to get over.  I took it as a sign.  I didn’t like him enough to be upset, but I also didn’t like him enough after that to even bother with it after seeing that.

I felt bad- not because I accidentally read the message.  But because it’s such a silly, tragic mistake that only certain people could make.  I felt bad on him- I dunno if it perhaps put a damper on the romantic stay that evening in Notting Hill due to his careless stupidity.

So with that, the death of romance with the Buda boy came crashing down so theatrically. It’s all well and good dating other people (as I am also), but once you find out about the existence of the other person, and the personification of it through something as intimate as an Air BNB booking is a sure sign to sign out. Of both the fling and the Air BNB account.



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